Oct 2, 2018 [Tue]

SY01: MDO 50 Years Anniversary #1
Frank J. Gonzalez (National Cancer Institute, USA)
Masahiko Negishi (National Institutes of Health, USA)
M. Almira Correia (University of California, San Francisco, USA)
Yuichi Sugiyama (RIKEN, Japan)
SY02: Needs meet Seeds -Unlimited potential of Liver Microphysiological System-
Masato Ohbuchi (Astellas Pharma Inc., Japan)
Takafumi Komori (Eisai Co. Ltd., Japan)
Hiroshi Kimura (Tokai University, Japan)
Kenichiro Kamei (Kyoto University, Japan)
Yoshimasa Saito (Keio University, Japan)
Tamihide Matsunaga (Nagoya City University, Japan)
SY03: Metabolomics in Diseases and Translational Research
Wei Jia (University of Hawaii Cancer Center, USA)
Andrew D Patterson (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Mitsutoshi Setou (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan)
SY04: New Perspectives on Intestinal Drug Absorption and Metabolism
Yoshiyuki Shirasaka (Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Japan)
Akihiro Hisaka (Chiba University, Japan)
K. Sandy Pang (University of Toronto, Canada)
SY05: Drug Metabolism in Special Populations: Ethnic, Renal Failure, Obesity and Pediatric Patients
Shin-ichi Inoue (Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd., Japan)
Ken-ichi Fujita (Showa University, Japan)
Yoshimichi Sai (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Ikuko Yano (Kobe University, Japan)
SY06: Structure Based Approaches to Enhance Drug Efficacy and Safety
Emily Scott (University of Michigan, USA)
Irina Pikuleva (Case Western Reserve University, USA)
Andrew Munro (University of Manchester, UK)
Shingo Nagano (Tottori University, Japan)
SY07: Ah Receptor: Relevance to Xenobiotic Metabolism and Physiological Processes
Yongna Xing (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Bhagavatula Moorthy (Baylor College of Medicine, USA)
Masutaka Furue (Kyushu University, Japan)
SY08: Development and Appropriate Use of Drugs for New-born Infants to Children
Hidefumi Nakamura (National Center for Child Health and Development, Japan)
Jumpei Saito (National Center for Child Health and Development, Japan)
Tomoki Takechi (Maruho Co. Ltd., Japan)
Takahiko Tanigawa (Bayer Yakuhin Ltd., Japan)
Kimio Terao (Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Japan)
SY09: Non-CYP Phase I
Matthew A. Cerny (Pfizer Inc., USA)
Enrico Garattini (Mario Negri, Italy)
Tatsuki Fukami (Kanazawa University, Japan)

Oct 3, 2018 [Wed]

SY10: Frontier Science of Transporter Research Based on Innovative Ideas
Yoshinori Fujiyoshi (Nagoya University, Japan)
Satoru Koyanagi (Kyushu University, Japan)
Noritaka Nakamichi (Takasaki University of Health and Welfare, Japan)
Atsushi Yonezawa (Kyoto University, Japan)
SY11: Importance of ncRNAs in Drug Disposition and Response
Michael H Court (Washington State University, USA)
Aiming Yu (University of California, Davis, USA)
Xiaobo Zhong (University of Connecticut, USA)
Baitang Ning (Food and Drug Administration, USA)
SY12: Emerging Trends in Drug Development of Peptide- and Antibody-based Therapeutics
Keiichi Masuya (PeptiDream Inc., Japan)
Shiroh Futaki (Kyoto University, Japan)
Yoko Nagai (Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd., Japan)
Tomohisa Saito (Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Japan)

Oct 4, 2018 [Thu]

SY13: New Evidence and Technics Which Support Evolution of Systems Modeling in Drug Discovery and Development
Naoki Kiyosawa (Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd., Japan)
Kota Toshimoto (RIKEN, Japan)
Arthur Goldsipe (MathWorks Inc., USA)
Mikiko Nakamura (Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Japan)
SY14: Xenobiotic Metabolism and Drug Interaction
Hiroshi Yamazaki (Showa Pharmaceutical University, Japan)
Wichittra Tassaneeyakul (Khon Kaen University, Thailand)
Young-Jin Chun (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
Yune-Fang Ueng (National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, Taiwan)
SY15: Role of Intestinal Microbiota in Drug Metabolism and Disposition
Takuji Yamada (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Shingo Ito (Kumamoto University, Japan)
Mikiko Shimizu (Keio University, Japan)
Jun Kunisawa (National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition, Japan)
SY16: Nuclear Xenobioitc Receptors: Metabolism and Diseases
Kouich Yoshinari (University of Shizuoka, Japan)
Hongbing Wang (University of Maryland, USA)
Michael Schwarz (University of Tuebingen, Germany)
Wen Xie (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
SY17: Mass Spectrometry: Emerging Modality for Drug Development and PD/Tox Marker Discovery
Kosuke Saito (National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan)
Sumio Ohtsuki (Kumamoto University, Japan)
Masaru Yoshida (Kobe University, Japan)
Kazuyoshi Nozaki (Astellas Pharma Inc., Japan)
SY18: Drug-induced Liver Injury
Ruitang Deng (University of Rhode Island, USA)
Huiping Zhou (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)
Kousei Ito (Chiba University, Japan)
SY19: MDO 50 Years Anniversary #2
F. Peter Guengerich (Vanderbilt University, USA)
Eric F. Johnson (Scripps Research Institute, USA)
Jim Halpert (University of Connecticut, USA)
R. Scott Obach (Pfizer Inc., USA)
SY20: From API to Drug Products: Think over the Role of PKPD in Oral Drug Development
Ikumi Tamai (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Kiyohiko Sugano (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
Koji Shiraki (Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Japan)
Shinji Yamashita (Setsunan University, Japan)
Gordon L. Amidon (University of Michigan, USA)
SY21: Drug Metabolism around the Clock (the Influence of Circadian Rhythm on Drug Metabolism)
Hitoshi Okamura (Kyoto University, Japan)
Zheng (Jake) Chen (University of Texas Health Science Center, USA)
Shigehiro Ohdo (Kyushu University, Japan)

Oct 5, 2018 [Fri]

SY22: Frontiers of Metabolome Research for Drug Discovery Research
Tomohiro Andou (Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc., Japan)
Tomoyoshi Soga (Keio University, Japan)
Issay Kitabayashi (National Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan)
Tappei Takada (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Emi Kimoto (Pfizer Inc., USA)
SY23: Novel Drug Developmental Tools on DMPK/Toxicity and Their Regulation
Kengo Watanabe (Daiichi Sankyo Co. LTD., Japan)
Seiichi Ishida (National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan)
Yasunari Kanda (National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan)
Mizuho Nonaka (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, Japan)
SY24: Crossroad of Endobiotic and Xenobiotic Metabolism in the Liver
Grace L. Guo (Rutgers University, USA)
Huichang Bi (Sun Yat-sen University, China)
Yanqiao Zhang (Northeast Ohio Medical University, USA)