Lecture on Japanese Culture

 “Chado” (the way of tea) is an integral part of Japanese traditional culture and spirituality. Along with the Zen boom, Chado has been attracting attention all over the world. Kanazawa has had a strong connection with Chado since the feudal period, and boasts one of the largest numbers of Chado learners in Japan. In this program, Sokyu Nara, who teaches Chado all over Japan as a direct apprentice of the grand master of the Urasenke Chado Tradition, will give a lecture and demonstration pertaining to the history of Chado.
 This social program was designed to help participants gain a deep understanding of traditional Japanese culture. Please join the program with your friends. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Profile of the Lecturer

Sokyu Nara
Direct apprentice of the grand master, Urasenke Chado Tradition

Mr. Nara was born as the second son of Toyasai Ohi, Master of Ohi Pottery, in 1969. He has been involved in the field of arts and crafts since he was a student in the Tamagawa University Art Department. His works have been exhibited at NITTEN and Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibitions. (His works are housed at the Urasenke Foundation and the Sogetsu Art Museum). After graduating from university, he joined the Urasenke Foundation. He now teaches all over Japan as a direct apprentice of the grand master of the Urasenke Chado Tradition, as well as at the “Koko-an” tea ceremony school in Kanazawa. He has received awards such as “Kanazawa City Cultural Activities Award” and “Ishikawa Prefecture Cultural Promotion Award”. He is a guest professor of Kyoto University Art and Design Department of Fine and Applied Arts, and a part-time instructor of Kanazawa College of Art. He supervised “Wa-no-gokui” (Secret of Japanese culture) and the “Shumidoki series: Enjoying the tea ceremony” on NHK TV, as well as “Chado in Kaga,” narrated by Hironobu Tsujiguchi (Digital Archives of Ishikawa Japan), and the movie “Old Capital” (starring Yasuko Matsuyuki).

Sokyu Nara